5 Online Resources to Help Your Small Business Gain Capital

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No matter what a person’s small business consists of, there are ways to gain capital to either start it up, or keep it running. There are, of course, the traditional ways of getting capital. He/she could see if loans are available through a local financial institution. They could possibly mortgage their home; but would they really want to do that?

Is looking online for resources to help gain capital a wise move? There are resources in place for small businesses. It is small business that built our nation, and small business will help it survive. We must do everything possible to help small business survive.

Here are 5 online resources that a small business owner may want to research in gaining capital for their small business:

  1. The Small Business Administration. This website is the very first place a person should start. It will show what loans and grants are in place to help gain capital. It will show him/her how to properly fill out the loan paperwork. This website is loaded with pertinent information that a small business owner needs.
  2. The CDFI Fund. This fund through the United States Treasury is developed to give a boost to the small business, community revitalization, and economic development to low income sectors of the nation. It is a website that every small business owner should study. There just may be funds available for them.
  3. The National Development Council. It is called the GAF. That stands for Grow America Fund. Their primary goal is to help small businesses succeed. They primarily work towards helping minority and female owned businesses, but all should apply. It focuses on loans, not grants, but allows larger loans with smaller down-payments and longer payback periods. This website should be thoroughly researched by all small business owners.
  4. TruFund Financial Services. This organization used to be called Seedco. It was developed by Goldman Sachs. They had a vision that small business supports our nation. They work with small business lending, non-profits, real estate, micro lending.  They are geographically specific to certain areas such as New York, Alabama and Louisiana.  Trufund has many financing and business counseling programs available to help the small business owner survive the business jungle.
  5. The SJF Institute. SJF is a great program for entrepreneurs. It is a connection point for the entrepreneur, investor, economic developer, policy maker, and community leaders. SJF is also very committed to a “green” planet. If a small business owner has used the “green” attitude in their idea, they will have an even better chance of gaining help from SJF. With SJF’s help, a small business owner will be on a golden road very quickly. They have programs to counsel and inspire.

For anyone starting a small business, or owns one already and needs capital, these websites are a very good way to help. For investors in small businesses, there are some great tax advantages too. It is always a good idea to consult with someone who has completed an online accounting masters program for advice first. The New Markets Tax Credit Program was designed to give incentive for investors to back small businesses. As people help other people, our nation can survive this bad economic tide.

It is through small business that our country will survive. If we study history, when economic tragedies struck, it was the small businesses that fixed the mess. The United States is sitting on economic instability. Top financial experts know that to pull out of the economic mess we are in, helping small businesses survive is our best bet.

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