6 Content Marketing Ideas for Effective Online Advertising

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content marketing 6 Content Marketing Ideas for Effective Online AdvertisingContent-marketing, for those that don’t know, is marketing through text, articles, and web content. For the majority of the Internet’s lifespan, it’s always been text-based. Early websites were mostly composed of text. Websites today still rely on blogs and articles in order to put forth their content. Even videos and pictures have some sort of textual description with them. In essence, Content marketing has always been with us from the start. The benefits of marketing through textual content when it comes to selling your products and services cannot be denied. No matter what kind of business you’re in, it will contain some sort of content-marketing scheme in one way or another, whether it’s a nonprofit, for-profit, B2C, or B2B type of enterprise.

Content-Marketing Is a Fresh Reprieve from Traditional Means of Advertising

  • Content-marketing through your articles, blog entries, testimonials, customer reviews, forum content, and myriad of topics to discuss by your very own target audience are much more effective than banner ads and video ads that, to be quite frank, are based on the billboards and commercials of yore of traditional advertising. People want something new, and they view promotional ads like the abovementioned examples as nothing more than background noise at this point.
  • Content-marketing is the main method of selling that companies presently prefer because of its timing, mostly. Thanks to the advent of the Internet, content-marketing has never been more popular; it’s arguably the best time for this type of marketing in light of the large influx of online textual messages being spread across the Information Superhighway, particularly text that are user-generated (i.e., made by the very target audience you’re attempting to cater to). Content-marketing comes in many forms, from blog posts to comments to threads in bulletin boards.
  • The present ubiquitous nature of social media has also played a part in expanding the horizons of content-marketing. Since it’s text-based as well as mostly user-generated (such that, for a change, your marketing can be done by your very target audience through electronic word of mouth). Previously, most companies could not afford the amount of exposure afforded by the Internet. Nowadays, you can see even non-business people get their fifteen minutes of fame through the Internet thanks to how widespread it is.
  • In terms of content-marketing, you can bring forth your message through social media and have it “percolate” among the denizens of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, and whatnot, only to see it virally spread across the Information Superhighway by itself if you were to play your cards right. It’s this power of spreading itself that makes content-marketing a crucial part of your marketing campaign and strategy. By including customer reviews and testimonials into your marketing, you can improve your chances of exposure by leaps and bounds.
  • The Internet allows people to have immediate access to important information in a snap. In other words, if you want yourself to matter in the Information Age, it’s imperative that you become a viable content provider, whether it’s through covering important news related to your industry, making informative articles that will have people visiting your website in droves, or making use of the discussions and user-generated content of your own consumer base to your marketing advantage.
  • Knowledge is power. This is especially apparent when it comes to the Worldwide Web. People are forever researching for content and information because it’s the main reason why the Internet exists. People are scouring for content through social media, websites, emails, newsletters, articles, blogs, and so forth, particularly sources that can be trusted and have high credibility. In other words, if you want your content-marketing to work, you need to share your information about your industry in order to get important information from your customers in terms of feedback and whatnot.

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