Anyone Can Do It: 3 Inspiring Social Case Studies


oporna 300x199 Anyone Can Do It: 3 Inspiring Social Case StudiesThere was once a time where the general online marketing population thought that you had to throw big bucks to get companies to the top in certain industries. Back in the old school SEO days this was usually the case, but one could argue that the emergence of social networks has changed this.

Nowadays, social marketing is something that favours the small players, as well as those with giant budgets. Come up with a catchy post or tweet, and you’ll be well on your way to trending on one of the big networks. That’s all it takes, and there is no need to wait for months to build up those illusive backlinks that would eventually propel you to the top of the search engines. In short, it’s much easier to go viral.

To highlight the fact that anyone can do it, we’ve found three interesting case studies. All three are completely different in some respects, but all are ultimately successful. Let’s take a look at them in action.

Case Study 1 – Screwfix

The first study takes a look at Screwfix; a high street brand who now have a massive online presence. One of the main ways in how they have been able to achieve this is through their terrific social campaigns, which place considerable emphasis on humour. As we’ve come to learn over the years, making the internet laugh is one of the quickest ways to earn followers.

Screwfix generally rely on a selection of funny images and captions, in a big to raise their brand awareness. People follow the brand for their humour, but also get to see all of the new products that are showcased on their feeds as well. With 75,000 fans and over 20,000 Twitter followers, they certainly seem to be doing something right.

Case Study 2 – Policy Bee

Our second example hones in on Policy Bee, who have taken an approach which most small businesses really should take on board. In fact, before we get into the depths of their success, we’d urge you to take a look at the Policy Bee Social Guide to see for yourself what they have achieved.

They managed to increase their Twitter following by 10%, and all of this was done through simple management techniques. Clearing out any inactive accounts, finding and responding to any potential customers and simply maintaining an active profile. The fact that they became Ingenious Britain’s Small Business of the Month says everything you need to know – so we’ll again remind you to check out the guide, it’s worth a read.

Case Study 3 – Maersk Group

Our final example focusses on Maersk. Most people will have probably heard of this international firm; their brand is painted onto a large proportion of shipping containers that go in and out of the country. Even though they’re big, many would suggest that branding them from a social perspective is by no means easy as their business is hardly popular amongst the general public.

Still, they have managed to do it. It’s understood that they started back in 2011 and the success they have tasted is quite extraordinary all things considered. Rather than opt for humour, they have gone for stunts that are just damn’ right interesting. Whether it’s a story of how its shipping containers navigate frozen waters, or just ‘did you know’ facts about the firm – it’s all worked a treat. They generated 150 leads from the frozen campaign, which is quite incredible considering the fact that most of their custom is commercial. With 1.5m Facebook fans, they are another company who have caused major headway in the social game.


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