Begin to know some finance concepts


finance concepts Begin to know some finance concepts

Karina Louise calls her best friend, to ask for support in handling financial matters as it is starting to come out with a young man who takes very seriously the management of their personal finances.   Luisa, offers to make an afternoon teacher and suggests books, internet portals and names of people who can help you delve into the matter. It’s simple, if you strive, soon you handle your income more carefully lie impress that guy you’re attracted to.

Just as there are companies finance department that handles monetary resource in the lives of people must have a space dedicated to the management of the income received in the exercise of a profession, income, investments or donations. Money is the means by which human beings interact with their environment to meet, first, basic needs and then meeting objectives like taking a graduate or acquire a vehicle.

Before thinking about your goals, you must know your current situation point. This is called net worth, which is the difference between your assets, your possessions and your liabilities, what you owe. Assets can be of two types, productive and non-productive. The productive are revalued in time or generate income such as real estate, shares in companies or savings in hard currency.The most common non-productive assets are credit card spending.

Liabilities can be classified as assets. Productive liabilities are debts incurred to acquire productive assets such as a home mortgage loan or loan principal industrial machinery of a new production line of our business. Read more on debt settlement at this site.  These types of loans are also called good debt. While bad debt is incurred to finance expenditures that do not generate any dividends and are also called non-productive liabilities.

Once you know the assets and liabilities, it is possible to determine the net value what we have, in monetary terms. From the moment we set short, medium and long term. These goals are those goals that, once achieved, bring major changes to our lives. And to make it easier to work and effort required to achieve them, is crucial to know which moves us toward its realization. For a parent, the safety of their children is their motivation.

We have several resources to build our dreams. The first is the budget sheet that relate in net income, from whatever source and expenditures, fixed as rent, food and transportation and variables as an unplanned visit to the dentist. The second element of great importance is the habit of saving, which will enable investment. Well, I think with this we have to start and, incidentally, to impress your girl, Luisa tells Karina.

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