Did Google Kill Local Listing Ads?

It appears they did. Kyle Kazak points out that the Local Listing Ads web page (Google.com/help/lbc/listingads/) has been removed by Google and buzz has discontinued.

In a recent article I pointed out that Google could not afford to get rid of AdWords in lieu of Local Listing Ads because the ad revenue is very limited with Local Listing Ads.

It appears that net revenue created by a combination of AdWords/Local Listing Ads could not compete with the AdWords model flying solo.

In addition, I pined that Google couldn’t replace the 7-Pack with Local Listing Ads. But what if they offered an advertising enhancement to local business listings–something to make your listing “pop” within the 7-Pack and Google Maps results?

They have done just that. Google Enhanced Listings allow a business to stand out with an “enhanced” presence on the 7-Pack or in the map-related listings on the SERP.

Local businesses can call attention to something it wants to highlight to customers and/or prospects: a menu, a coupon, a video, for example.

The cost is $25 per month and the business can choose from one of seven types of enhancements, drawn from content in the Local Business Center.

The available categories of enhancements include the following:

  • photos
  • videos
  • website
  • coupons
  • directions
  • menu
  • reservations

Will this offering, at a cost of $300/year, per location, create a return on investment?

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