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Already available in some regions, Microsoft’s upgrade of its Cloud-campatible CRM product by the code name of “Orion” will hit U.S. markets within a week.

On October 7, 2013, Microsoft (“MS”) made the announcement that MS Dynamics CRM Online, formerly called Orion, has gotten the go-ahead in some areas.

Just as MS promised back in July, its Dynamics CRM Online 2013 is on schedule for release before fall is finished.  In fact, the Cloud-based customer relations management application has already been in active use by many clients for quite some time.  UK-based MS Dynamics CRM sales exec Simon Huston recently revealed via blog posting that the upgrade is currently live within European, Middle Eastern, and African (“EMEA”) data centers.  Meanwhile, Asian-Pacific (“APAC”) data centers went live just a week ago and data centers in the Americas are set to go live late this week.

Both the conventional and Cloud-based versions of Dynamics CRM 2013 are designed to help boost sales and customer service quality with better features like social media B2B and B2C capabilities, per MS Dynamics CRM V.P. Bob Stutz.  He observed that customers in contemporary markets typically complete more than half of the whole sales cycle prior to contacting the company that is being researched.

Stutz went on to state that MS Dynamics has reimagined its CRM products with a view toward altering that dynamic by putting essential tools of success in clients’ hands.  According to him, those devices are designed to take business transactions to a more personal level.  An aesthetically attractive and completely overhauled interface greets users that displays real-time contextual data to help optimize workflow. This functionality represents MS’s answer to Real-Time Big Data Analytics Download Now and BI Systems of Yammer-driven social business networks that facilitate intraorganizational collaboration.   Easy-touch navigability and other interface improvements on both mobile apps and the Web-based interface will be well-appreciated by tablet users.  Skype and Lync support capability enables users to initiate voice communications through the program.  Outlook and other Office 2013 integrations add perfect finishing touches to these product upgrades.

According to Hutson, Dynamics CRM for Cloud will also have multiple out-of-the-box enterprise functions to allow quick launch by clients.  He went on to advise that even though such features are easy to uninstall, customers should play with them a little bit to get a better grasp of the way the entire enterprise process flows to maximize CRM operations.

Before jumping into the fray, any prospective Microsoft Dynamics 2013 partner should be aware of two cautionary advisories.  First, Outlook’s “Get CRM” icon generates an error message with a click.  This, however, is merely a transitory problem that should pass within a month when MS releases the on-site CRM 2013 edition, says Hutson.   He also indicated that installable Dynamics CRM 2013 is due for imminent release.  No Apple iTune or Windows-8 mobile apps exist, while Windows XP owners are in a worse predicament.

Commiserate with its current phasing-out campaign for that outdated OS, MS warned that neither Dynamics CRM for the Web nor Outlook support Windows XP.


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