Essential tips to help you come up with your very own typeface design

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web design Essential tips to help you come up with your very own typeface design

As a graphic and web designer, you should not be afraid to take up and explore new avenues that the web design world has to offer. This also applies to the typeface that you may use in your design. There is a plethora of fonts available off the internet, many of which can be used for commercial purposes. However, it is a good idea to push your limits to explore your creativity instead of simply using the age old techniques of web design. However, for someone who has only recently decided to expand his horizons, coming up with an interesting typeface can be a daunting task. For designing the actual website, there are various programmes, for SEO facilities, there are SEO India experts, however, for typefaces, once you have figured out how to begin, you must consider half the battle won. Given below are some steps that will ensure that you come up with attractive typefaces for your web design.

1.)   Know your objective:

It goes without saying that the first step to designing your typeface is not the actual designing process but the planning of it. You need to be clear and precise concerning your objectives and goals before the actual designing process. This helps you have a clear picture of exactly why you are creating a typeface. This will help you immensely during the creation process of the typeface and will leave no room for ambiguity, thus speeding up the entire process.

2.)   Gauging the various aspects of the typeface:

There are two types of typefaces that you can actually take inspiration from; the Serif or the Sans Serif. Based on these two varieties you can design your typeface. However, what you need to decide is whether your typeface will be used for writing lengthy textual content or will it be suitable for just the larger, more creative titles.

3.)   Draw the typefaces manually:

Before using the digital devices for an electronic design of your typeface, you must get your drawing pad and pencils out and sketch typeface designs that come to your mind. Several seasoned web designers have attested to the fact that when you draw naturally using your hands before using the computer software, you tend to get better ideas and a creative flow. Once you are done with the artwork on paper, you can transfer these drawings on your computer, load it into a designing software and refine the typeface till it is perfect. You need not draw all the letters manually. All you need is a basic idea of how the characters are placed. The rest of the letters can be designed digitally by following the features of the hand drawn characters.

4.)    Ways to transfer your design to the computer:

Once you are done with the hand drawn letters, you can get them on your computer for added refinement. However, as tempting as scanning the drawings sound, you must refrain from doing so. Instead, you must essentially use a tracing software, wherein you can trace your drawings manually. This gives you full control over your drawings and does not let the computer or the software make any decision for you.

5.)   Selection of the right software:

When it comes to using a designing software, you will be spoilt for choice. Before you look for an SEO India expert, you must ensure that your typeface is ready. The most common software to use is the Adobe Illustrator. However, you can also rely on FontLabStudio, Robot Font and other such software to refine your typeface and use it in your web design.

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