Explore the latest link building techniques to stay ahead in the competition

link building Explore the latest link building techniques to stay ahead in the competition

When the job of SEO experts is focused on attracting more and more number of people to a certain website or webpage, Link Building is considered essential. The Web technologies undergo changes and this is a continuous process. After the latest Google updates and under the changed circumstances you need to find out right ways to do the link building and for that you need to follow certain new strategies for link building. Since the updates of Google Panda and Penguin are occurring more frequently, the SEO experts are refining their tactics and techniques for Link Building. It’s the time to leave all those old link building methods and follow the new ones because Google is no more going to be fooled by spammy automated techniques. Therefore, it’s time to imbibe the new link building techniques to stay ahead in the competition and secure high rank in search results.

A few effective strategies to adopt for Link Building:

Put more efforts on Social Media: Since Google is seeking more social influence in the coming days, focus on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter is surely going to decide your rank within Google. Networking with other social websites like Reddit, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and YouTube can also produce good results and be a part of effective link building strategies.

It’s very much about content: The websites with unique and updated contents are liked by Google; by enriching your website with fresh and up to date content, you are definitely going to be rewarded by Google. Therefore, focus should be on writing meaningful content for your website, the content which people find worth reading.

Link to Blogs: While you link to other Blogs, make sure that those are only the useful and relevant ones. The job involves lots of time and patience but putting your efforts in the right direction you are sure to find some amazing results. Certain blogs and posts work better than the rest.

Making use of images for links: Since, the chances of images on your site getting used by somebody in their posts or blogs are high; you can make it a fantastic link building strategy. What you need to do is emailing them and requesting them to link that image back to your blog or website.

Trace your competitor links: By running a back link checker on the websites of those who are your competitors, you can easily find out who are linking with them. Get them listed on an excel sheet and organise them and then try to get links from them.

Guest Posts: Guest posting works by approaching the relevant websites and provide them with an article in exchange of links. The process involves building relationships with various bloggers and webmasters. But it’s important that your articles need to be aligned with the audience of the websites. Only the good quality contents can provide value. The benefits of guest posting are many; it helps to build brand recognition, relationships with industry associated businesses, tap the new audiences to promote your brand and build quality links back to your website.

Directory Submissions: Relevant business directories are good place to secure multiple positions on prime search engines for industry connected keywords.

Since the web world is getting competitive day by day and this is the reason that the search engines are getting tougher. The above mentioned link building strategies can prove to be beneficial to remain ahead in the competition.

Kevin Smith is an SEO and link building expert who has been associated with some top SEO firms for a long time. He loves to write blogs and articles on various Internet Marketing techniques and link building strategies.


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