Golden Tips For Content Writing in 2014


Content writing in 2014 focuses strongly on useful content and proper keyword usage. Search engines now use advanced parameters for gleaning good content for displaying in their search results. Therefore, you may need to modify your writing style and tactics while creating content in 2014.

For your convenience, below-mentioned are the Golden Tips For Content Writing in 2014, which will help you produce marvelous SEO content effortlessly:

Use relevant keyword phrases only

With the availability of a variety of keyword research tools, you may be tempted to use a number of keywords. However, Google has always taken a strict approach with keyword usage. Consequently, in 2014, you should not use keyword density over 1%.

Moreover, the relevance of the keywords that you use of the content is equally important. Google has resorted to penalizing those domains, which have used keywords because of their popularity and not because of their applicability.

Therefore, if you have a popular keyword that you need to use at all costs, then after creating the content, insert the keyword as naturally as possible.

Refrain from writing with just one keyword

If you write with only a single keyword, you will compromise on the quality of your content. For enhanced SEO results, you should choose a main keyword and 4-5 secondary or LSI keywords.

Now, you should weave your content around all these keywords so that they fit into it seamlessly.

Make good use of images

Images adds color and value to the text. If you have more than one picture that matches with the theme of your content, then do not hesitate to use them. Simply, spread the images across the text so that the visitor gets a balanced view of the content.

Give your content an SEO-optimized title

It is wise to use the main keyword as the title of your content, as it contributes immensely to on-page SEO. However, you should think otherwise if the main keyword does not make any sense when used alone as a title. In such a situation, adding more words along with the main keyword to create the title is the best idea.

Write at least 500 words

Your content should not contain filler words. Nevertheless, you should not stop you from explaining ideas or giving thorough examples. In fact, well-explained writing always keeps the reader engrossed until the end.

The length of your content should be minimum 500 words, as shorter contents seem incomplete and aimless.

Place the main keyword and the secondary keywords strategically

The main keyword should not be forced into the content. Wrong placement of the keyword can cause the content to lose its meaning.

For effective SEO results, put the keyword in the title, in the first and the last paragraph. In case, the length of the content is more than 500 words, you may also use the main keyword 2-3 times in the other areas of the content as well.

Secondary keywords, which range from 4-5 in numbers, should never be used more than once. Spread these keywords evenly throughout the content for enhancing the quality of your writing.

Divide your text with proper sub-headings

As the web is inundated with content, you have just a few seconds to grab the attention of the online reader. If you write without sub headings, then the content will look cumbersome. It will make the reader feel that he will have to devote too much time in reading it. This discomfort stops the reader from even starting to read, no matter how valuable your writing is.

On the other hand, sub-headings provide a sorted look to the content, as they break the monotony in the written text. Mostly, people read the sub-headings first and then go on to read the actual content. Therefore, interesting sub-headings are mandatory for your content.

Incorporate bullet points for quick reading

Whenever you are required to mention features or other important points about something, it is a brilliant idea to use bullet points. Lists made of bullet points lend symmetry to the structure of your content and make it pleasant to read. The reader can check out the points and get the gist of the content very easily.

Make sure your content is helpful to the reader

Search engines place value-rich content on top. Hence, you should make sure that your content is more helpful than the other ones available over the web. If you read the existing web content before you start writing, you will be able to create information-enriched matter for your readers.

Moreover, infusing your text with personal experiences will help you connect better with the readers.

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