How Do Businesses Get To The Top Of Google? An Online Marketing Case Study

The question, “How do businesses get to the top of Google” is the most common question I am asked.

Nobody can guarantee top placement in the “FREE” sections (Google local business listings and natural search results) for ALL of your

targeted keyword sets, but a professional search engine marketing consultant or agency that lives and breathes search engine marketing will make a pronounced impact on your online marketin

g initiatives and ensure an attractive return on investment.

Let’s take a look at what constitutes a high-impact search engine marketing campaign for businesses with a local business model–The Golden Triangle.

The Golden Triangle Of Search

The Golden Triangle is your goal–to rank #1 in the Google Local Business Listings, #1 in Google’s natural search engine results, and #1 in Google’s pay-per-click ads. For the Google search “tuxedo rental Houston TX,” Al’s Formal Wear blows away their competition in each section, taking the lion share of click-throughs and dominating the formal wear market in Houston.

als formal wear the golden triangle How Do Businesses Get To The Top Of Google? An Online Marketing Case Study

1. Google Local Business Listings

Google Local Business Listings have made and broken small businesses in recent years. Our clients report, on average and depending on the industry, a 20% to 40% increase in new business generated by Google business listings we have optimized for targeted keyword sets–considering we do not charge ongoing fees for this service it is an area of opportunity you do not want to miss out on.

Your ability to to get prominent search engine visibility, and ultimately, click-throughs in this section, is paramount to to a successful online marketing campaign.

Let’s say you run a men’s formal wear store in Scottsdale, AZ. Some of the top keyword sets you are targeting include:

  • “tuxedo rental”
  • “tuxedo rental 85251″
  • “tuxedo rental scottsdale”
  • “tuxedo rental scottsdale az”
  • “prom tuxedo rental”
  • “prom tuxedo rental 85251″
  • “prom tuxedo rental scottsdale”
  • “prom tuxedo rental scottsdale az”
  • “wedding tuxedo rental”
  • “wedding tuxedo rental 85251″
  • “wedding tuxedo rental scottsdale”
  • “wedding tuxedo rental scottsdale az”

You get the point!

Our experts will provide you with the most frequently searched keywords in your niche and cross-reference them with all of your local geo-modifiers, including cities, state, and zip codes.

We will use this research to optimize your local business listing(s) through a handful of techniques that will increase your rankings, click-throughs, and most importantly, generate additional customers/clients.

2. Google’s Natural Search Engine Results

Google’s natural search engine results have lost some steam in recent years due to the prominence of Google’s Local Business Listings, but still play a pivotal role in generating new business online.

Not only will our team of experts optimize all of the on-page and off-page elements to rank your web pages on the top of Google for targeted keywords sets, we also will provide you with marketing copy, calls-to-action, and conversion recommendations to make the most of the traffic you are generating.

Unlike Google’s Local Business Listings, natural search engine visibility may require an ongoing commitment to link building for those of you in highly competitive markets.

3. Google’s Pay-per-click (PPC) Ads

Widely admired for the ability to garner premium search engine visibility instantaneously, Google pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns offer you the unique ability to generate business in a flash.

The only downside to to pay-per-click is customer/client acquisition costs. You can dramatically lower those costs by creating the Golden Triangle–optimizing your Google Local Business Listings and natural search listings to maximize your online marketing budget.

There are three (3) areas of opportunity in the search engine results–two of them are FREE, meaning search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing do not levy fees for your prominent placement, and the last opportunity assesses a small fee every time a search engine user clicks on your listing for targeted keyword searches. There are no marketing strategies as effective as search–SEARCH IS ON DEMAND ADVERTISING!

Whereas television, radio, and print advertising are known as “Push Marketing” vehicles because they broadcast a message to a passive audience, search engine advertising is rightly defined as a “Pull Marketing” strategy because the prospect is actively engaged in a real-time search for your products and services. Will your message convert them into a sale?


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