How To Use Executive Resume Services To Protect Your Reputation On The Net


As a business executive, many people will undoubtedly search for your name a lot. When they want to find out more about you or your business, they will put your name on the search engine and hit the search button. But, what if they find some bad comments about you that you don’t want to appear in the search result? Obviously, some people will start spreading the bad news to the media, and expose your “dark” side. So, how can you protect your reputation as an executive? Simple. You can use executive resume services to do that. Here are some tips you should follow to use executive resume services to protect your reputation on the net:

1. Update Your Resume Often

Your resume should be up to date according to your current experience and skill level. You might think that this is not important since you’ve got a secure job already, but this is really important for your reputation. You need to make sure that your resume can let people know about your latest professional skill and experience. This will significantly help you to build your credibility online.

2. Have A Good Professional Connection

It is important for you to have a good professional connection online so that people (other company executives, potential business clients, and so on) who are looking for some information about you can really trust you. If you have a strong professional connection, you’ll be able to create a good impression about yourself on the net. Start with a professional network like LinkedIn and build your professional connection there. Your profile will get indexed by the search engines fast.

3. Control Your Social Media Appearances

You should also control your social media activities. Your social media activities can either create a good or bad image for you. People who are interested in finding out about you will be interested to know your activities in various social media channels as well. If you can control what you say in those online platforms, you will be able to build a positive image for yourself online.

4. Make Your Resume As Simple And As Interesting As Possible

Ask your professional resume writer to make your resume as simple and as interesting as possible. Why should you do it? That’s because a simple resume will get read by the people who are trying to know more about your business experience. Believe it or not, you can discourage people from reading your resume if you make it too complicated, with too much unnecessary information. Also, simplicity shows your professionalism as well.

5. Fix The Search Result For Your Name

Try to search your own name in the search result. If you are not satisfied with the result, then you can fix it. For instance, if you’re not satisfied about the result #2 where it displays your failures as an executive, then you need to work diligently to remove this result from the search engine in order to keep your name free from any possible reputation damage.

Executive reputation management is important for you to keep a good public image on the net as an executive. Various steps need to be taken to ensure that you have a good reputation online. Using an executive resume services can help you to do it. By following the tips above, you’ll be able to present yourself as a good executive with good credibility and reputation.

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Liz is a reputation management consultant specializing in Online Reputation Management and Branding. She is a renowned blogger in this field as well.

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