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If you are planning to set up a business and you need a website to promote it, you came across the right article. iPage offers full web hosting services for clients willing to launch on the internet market. And when we say full, we mean it. By using the iPage web hosting services you can design your website the way you always wanted to visit now. There’s an extremely friendly interface that allows you to customize each screen of your web page. You can also add a blog, photo-galleries and other similar applications that will enhance the look of your page; all these with a single click.

If you are planning to host an e-commerce business, there’s nothing to worry about. With just a few clicks you can install useful things like shopping cards, PayPal integration, coupons, calculator tools and much more. The company is focused around 3 main things: the e-mail address, the website design and the data security. You will be able to fully customize your e-mail address according to your business name (e.g. [email protected]). This will increase your reputation, attracting more and more clients to your website. But perhaps the most important thing is represented by a proper security system. There’s no point of having a successful e-commerce website if the data can be easily hacked or destroyed.

In order to don’t let that happen, iPage uses ultimate security measures that are literally unbreakable. Your e-mail address will be protected with an anti-spam bot that prevents any unwanted e-mail to reach your inbox. You’ll also have the opportunity of scanning your website for malicious software that might’ve been deliberately sent to your database. Your visitors should also be aware that your website can be trusted. For that, the company allows you to post a security badge directly to your home page; the badge certifies that your website is being tested regularly, meaning that the clients can navigate without any concerns. Besides webpage hosting, iPage also hosts VPS and Dedicated machines.

The 99.9% uptime is guaranteed and there’s also the option of getting your money back in the first 30 days if you’re not completely satisfied by the services offered. The prices are also very low for a hosting company: you can host a website for as little as $2/month in the first period of time. But these are limited offers so you should hurry up if planning to make your entry on the web. How such thing is possible? Well, all started in 1998 when the company was founded. In all this time, iPage made progresses in terms of relationship with clients. Now, the company is fully aware of the client’s needs and it offers top quality services at affordable prices. On their official website you can even check out a small chart that makes a comparison between 4 major web hosting companies in USA. You’ll be amazed to see that it has more features than all the other companies, and even smaller prices. Visit here

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