Is Content Really the SEO King?

 Is Content Really the SEO King?

Generating search engine friendly content for machines is extremely easy. You simply need to pick certain number of keywords and rearrange all of these at random positions to build sentences. And it is done. However, these days this is certainly not the scenario when it comes to the SEO content. Many copy writers, even from the best SEO Company in India, when creating SEO content usually forget that this content is being read online by people. When people read any content, they obviously expect something beneficial as well as meaningful out of it. The writer or the web owner may be concerned about keywords but a reader is not and unlike the earlier times, the present day SEO demands good, meaningful and authentic content which further shapes the way search engines rank your web pages and site.

What exactly is great content?

The real great SEO content can be characterized by the following three features:

  1. Provides useful as well as engaging information to the readers.
  2. Boosts the overall search engine ranking of your site.
  3. Fetches abundance of links to your site from other websites.

Remember that human readers are your site’s visitors. In order to provide value to their visit to your site, you must deliver them with useful content that has been written in an engaging and interactive manner. With a mounting number of sites on the World Wide Web in a wide array of industries, there is nothing denying the fact that the fight for top positions at search engine rankings pages is really hard. So, your content has got a tough competition. In order to make your mark among the rest, you can try inculcating additional content to your web sites in the form of meaningful lists or expert interviews from well researched and credible sources. If you are unable to write well, then do not hesitate from investing in someone preferably a professional who is able to do so. All your investment will be paid off in terms of greater site traffic that would be automatically generated with the help of good content.

After the recent changes bought by the Google in its algorithm, the meaning of SEO content has dramatically changed. Today, search engine friendly content is no more about scattering keywords in a boring or usual text. The present day and recently revised search engine robots scan your web page or site content almost in the similar manner in which a reader would do so. According to a research expert from the best SEO Companies in India, around ninety per cent of the usual readers actually scanned the content given on a page or site instead of reading the whole text line by line.

Whenever a reader comes across a web page, he or she usually spends the first few seconds of the visit over the site in scanning the provided content. Based on this, they decide if they would be reading the entire text or would simply shut the page. Keeping this in view, you must provide them with catchy and appealing content that manages to grab their attention during the first few seconds of scanning itself.  Therefore, try writing interactive content in bullets or point format. Support your facts and text with indulging pictures. Do not forget that the content that is able to attract the reader is the only content that would catch the search engine’s attention too. Put crucial text on the upper left side corner of the page as this is the only area that has been proved to catch the reader’s attention first as compared to other areas of the page.

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