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listing report 340 2 Need Help With Your Local Business Listings? Get Your FREE Report Today!Accurate business listings in the search engines, internet yellow pages, and interactive business directories allow customers and important contacts to find y


Local business listings optimized for targeted keyword sets are an incredible source of free local search traffic.


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Last year I wrote how important a Google business listing is to a locksmith company in Texas–85% of their new business emanates from their Google business listing.

Google is the directory of focus, but it is paramount to optimize your listings in several directories.

When it comes to managing your local business listings, you need to focus on three essential components:

1. Is your N-A-P accurate?

If your N-A-P, or Name, Address, and Phone Number are not accurate it will cost you customers and other problems, affecting your bottom line. When Google sees accurate N-A-P’s for your business in other trusted directories and websites they deem your Google listing to be a trustworthy place. The net affect is an increase in ranking in the local business results for targeted category searches.

2. Is your website address accurate?

One of the factors to outranking your competitors in the organic search results of Google is link popularity. Google considers links from other trusted directories as votes for your website. The net affect is an increased ranking in Google’s organic results for targeted searches.

3. Are your local business listings optimized for targeted searches?

Some attributes in your local business listings, such as categories, business description, service area, etc., empower you to outrank local competitors for your most precious keyword sets. For an example of optimizing your local business listing for targeted local searches, download our white paper, Geotargeting.

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