Start Using Facebook Today For Growing Your Business Internatinoally

Start Using Facebook

If you are just stepping into the online business world you are asking the right question. However, people who have been running an online business or an online counterpart of their on-ground business know the importance of Facebook in the promotion of business and its growth. The main and the basic idea that needs to be understood here is that any business in the world needs customers. Not all customers are company owners, even though company owners are customers too. In the modern world of marketing the biggest difference is that today you have to reach your customers through all the different paths and tunnels.

facebook Like 300x113 Start Using Facebook Today For Growing Your Business InternatinoallyBusiness in the era of internet is not about opening a shop and waiting for customers to find you instead you have to do some work to make your business known to the customers. You have to reach them through banner ads, billboards, emails, flyers etc. Eventually, you have to take a strategy and a path and reach your customer. Internet makes this task easier but internet is just a wizard and without its magic stick it is nothing. The magic stick of internet, at least currently, is the social network. Facebook is a social networking website and luckily the biggest one.

You must have read the statistics that in this huge world full of 7 billion people every 13th person is on Facebook. Wouldn’t you want to approach these users and have your business known by them? These Facebook users can turn into your Facebook fans meaning that they can become the fan of your product, service or the brand as a whole. All you have to do to make them your fans is to go among them, impress them and tell them to come with you. It’s a bit difficult but consistency is the key here and many businesses have used that key already.

Users from almost all the countries of the world are using Facebook 24 hours a day. Among the many hours they spend on Facebook each day could be a few minutes for you. The key here is to have a contact with the user. According to an official from, an internet marketing company, “Facebook users aren’t always on Facebook to talk to their friends but most of them are there to spend some time. Just hit them with the right message and they will give you the attention you need”. Of course, you need to have a Facebook page to do that and you shouldn’t wait any longer to make one.

It’s all about 2 minutes. If you can keep them reading your content for 2 minutes you have done half of your job. These Facebook users will then become your Facebook fans and these followers are spread throughout the world. They will not talk to their peers about you but they will talk about something useful and interesting they saw online. This chain reaction begins and virtually never stops. You might not see the results right away but having a first fan of your Facebook page is undoubtedly success in a small package.


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