The Best GPS Tools And More


Global Positioning Systems are more than just popular, they are necessary these days. It is a computer-based system that allows you to track exact geographical location of a person, car or any other vehicle or device. It does so with the help of satellite that notes longitudinal and latitudinal position. The success of GPS can be gauged by the fact that consumers from all walks of life are using it, although it was initially designed to be used by the military.

GPS has revolutionized the concept of reading maps and taken it to a whole new level. Navigating your way through unknown territories was never this easy. Its advantages do not end here, it is also useful in:

•          Keeping record of your travel radius

•          Keeps track of time that you spend travelling

•          Providing a comprehensive and complete map

•          Providing an expected time of your arrival on your desired destination

With the innovation in technology, people have started depending more and more on their cell phone apps to solve their daily issues. Cell phones have enhanced features of GPS installed that has made navigation easier for travel savvy users. Since each mobile phone model is different and has its own unique features, the app market has designed a wide range of GPS tools to suit each phone perfectly. This allows a user to choose GPS software that meets their needs and is compatible with their smart phone model. Among numerous navigation apps available in the market, we are enlisting the four apps that we think are credible and outstanding with regards to features and dependability.

1. Waze:

Waze is an exploration and navigation app that is quickly gaining popularity around the globe. The most outstanding feature of this app is that it connects with other Waze-drivers in your area. The users can share actual traffic details and guide each other within the area. This real-time help enables users to economize the consumption of gas and also avoid unnecessary delays that come with traffic jams and being lost. So, this navigation tool is very useful for all drivers and allows to get the newest information regarding the situation on the roads.

2. NavFree:

Whether you want a turn-by-turn direction, want the instructions given to you verbally, or prefer to read navigation info by yourself, NavFree is your companion. The app is free and includes features that allow users to search for addresses and use map even if they are offline. Every time that you access a map, it is automatically saved so that you can re-open it without having to pay again and again for data connectivity.

3. mSpy:

mSpy from de.mspy  is a mobile monitoring software that allows parents and employers to keep track of the location of their children or employees respectively. All you have to do is install the app on the mobile phone whose activity you wish to track. The app is undetectable and collects far more data than just GPS location – it provides a comprehensive detail about location of the person you are tracking. You can even check where a person was at a particular time. Information can be retrieved from Control Panel remotely and it is structured in the chronological order.

4. Sygic:

sygic 300x150 The Best GPS Tools And More

Have you ever lost your way with absolutely no access to mobile internet to operate your GPS app, so that you can find your way back? You may want to have Sygic installed in your car or smart phone for such scenarios. You can use this app without mobile internet and it offers features such as extensive maps, which will enable you to reach your desired destination in no time at all. This app is not free, so you need to purchase it. However, you can download a trial version on your device but as soon as the trial period expires, you will have to buy the software.

Hopefully, these apps are enough for you to choose from and become a savvy driver even at the unknown area or know where your kid is right now. These tools are free or available at affordable prices, so costs shouldn’t be a problem for potential users.


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