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For organisations that own or are responsible for maintaining a property or estate portfolio, management is one of the key income sources, or operating expense. Yet, it is this particular area that is often the least controlled of all revenue. Property management software helps to reduce these administration costs by centralising and streamlining the management process, generating a positive impact on bottom line performance.

Property management software provides a comprehensive solution that allows organisations to pro-actively manage the risks and opportunities associated with a managing or letting residential, commercial or industrial property. It provides rapid access to critical management information at the touch of a button, enabling effective and timely decision-making across entire property portfolios. Property management software brings many benefits, including:

  • Centralisation of property information to enhance efficiency and improve operational control
  • Diary functionality ensures that critical dates and deadlines, such as lease renewals and payments are not missed
  • Comprehensive management reporting allows detailed expense analysis and ensures improved control over income / expenditure
  • Improved relationship management and dispute resolution between owners, landlords and tenants from timely sharing of accurate property information

When considering the purchase of a new property management software package, it is important to consider the types of properties under management. This may include residential, commercial, educational, industrial, retail, student housing, healthcare etc. and each type will have different requirements. Organisations which deal with one type of property may be better served with a specialist software package, whereas a diverse property portfolio will require a system which has a broad range of capabilities.


Selecting the right property management software to suit specific requirements will allow staff to delegate time-consuming tasks, providing them with more time to focus on their tenants, suppliers and stakeholders. As well as reducing man hours, good property management software should be flexible enough to suit the way an organisation is run and may also offer optional modules that can enhance and support the business.


The benefits of implementing a property management software package will result in improvements in the areas of time, cost and service provision. Maximising the benefit largely depends on selecting the best software to suit the requirements.

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