What’s Going on in Organic Search? How to Keep Up with the Trends

ssss What’s Going on in Organic Search? How to Keep Up with the Trends

Organic search has always been seen as one of the best strategies for delivering high quality traffic to any website. As a digital marketing strategy, it is way up there – regarded as the ultimate foundation of any site seeking to get ahead.

 But organic search, or SEO, is constantly changing and developing, and any good marketing specialist would undoubtedly tell you that it is in keeping up with these changes that you can have the most success – and the best impact.

Now that 2014 is upon us, organic search is undergoing a transformation once again. Google continuously evolves, even as we speak, and it’s our responsibility to get to know this evolution in order to adapt – and ultimately, transform – our own organic search methodologies.

 In this regard, knowledge is always your best ally. Knowing what to do so you can adapt your organic search strategy is the first step. Below are a few key strategies to keep in mind:

 Spend more time on getting to know your audience and target market, and less time on targeting the keywords

 Whilst a keyword-level report and language-driven search will always be necessary, it’s also in your best interest to take the initiative of getting to know – and targeting – your specific audience and market. What topics would be interesting to them? Find out how to grab their attention and incorporate this into your conversion cycle.

 Even as you make use of tools such as Google Trends and the AdWords Keyword Planner, you should also make it a point to get to know the specific language your target audience uses whenever they perform a search.

 Incorporate your organic search marketing efforts across the board

 SEO specialists, whilst doing their best to operate in a silo, tend to work in isolation from the other teams. This, needless to say, is fast becoming ineffective – and even obsolete. The marketing team should be able to work together, on projects that are all designed to improve your SEO – from being able to match the page language to one that visitors use as they search, to making sure that users have a good overall experience and to making sure that your authority is built up and developed – they should all be cohesive, as the impact of all these projects are bigger than you would expect.

You should also pay attention to the activities of your social media teams, the content on your site, and other public relations activities which all generate authority signals, such as shares, links, and mentions. Google picks up on these and then integrates them into algorithms.

 Add to this the fact that customers are accessing the net through multiple channels and devices nowadays, so there is more stress on coming through with a cohesive message and a broad focus so you can satisfy your audience’s needs and preferences.

 As organic search and digital marketing specialists like www.ocere.com agree, the world of marketing on the Internet is ever-changing, dynamic, and competitive. Keeping up with the times is essential to maximising your exposure and driving your business forward.

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